Accessorio di Lusso per Cani_Stile Coordinato per Animali

Even your little
four-legged friends
luxury accessories
and quality. From harnesses to collars, leashes to pouch bags, with luxury dog accessories you can create a
Coordinated style for pets and owners

In fact, today you can customize and coordinate your style with your dog’s with luxurious and tasteful products. The
is one of the most important accessories for
and now you can match it with your
. Or why not wear a
coordinated with the
Of your Jack Russell? Or why not treat your chihuahua to a
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Lovers of luxury leather goods and modern, elegant style will find the right accessories to coordinate with their pet at Luce by Chiara Negri, thanks to a collection
100% Made in Italy
made of quality materials and accurate finishes.

Accessori di Lusso per Cani: Stile Coordinato per Animali e Proprietari

Matching luxury accessories for dogs and owners

Starting today, you can coordinate your small dog’s style with your own with practical, stylish, and current accessories.

The matching luxury accessories for dogs and owners include dog products made to fit different breeds of small dogs: from Jack Russell to Dachshund, Chihuahua to Yorkshire, Maltese to Boston Terrier, Luce by Chiara Negri is a brand that offers hypoallergenic leather accessories and durable metals.

Accessories for masters

accessories for the masters
created by Luce by Chiara Negri are designed for the sporty-chic and dynamic woman looking for practical, current, and stylish accessories. Handbags, wallets, belts, shopping bags, backpacks, handle-less purses, in printed or plain leather to coordinate with your dog’s accessories.

For example, the leather bib with hexagram print and applied technical cords can be matched with the leash with gold electroplated snap buttons and the plain leather doubled collar with buckle closure. And there is also the bag bag holder With zipper closure and snap hook attachment and reinforcing ring. For the mistress, there is the small bag with shoulder strap in the same pattern with rope drawstring closure, or the backpack with rope shoulder straps and inside pocket, or the handleless handbag with inside mirror and shoulder strap, or the shopping bag in black, fuchsia, or mint green leather with hexagram-print leather handles, or the belt with gold electroplated metal buckle.

Light by Chiara Negri

Produced in Italy by artisans using quality materials, the line
of accessories by Luce by Chiara Negri
is designed for small dogs to coordinate with their owners’ style.

Born in 2020 from the combination of a long experience in the fashion world and a passion for animals, Light by Chiara Negri is distinguished by its attention to detail in accessories, from printed leathers to technical cords, which allow glamorous and tasteful style coordination between owner and dog, combining beauty and long-lasting products.

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