Rose gold and turquoise laminated leather shopping bag

  • Contrasting turquoise, purple and coral details
  • Drawstring and technical rope handles
  • Glitter effect fabric lining
  • Inside pockets
  • To be paired with pet accessories from the collection


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Rose gold laminated leather shopping bag

The rose gold laminated leather shopping bag is a renewed interpretation of a timeless classic, prized for its versatility and distinctiveness. Chiara Negri took on the challenge of creating a bold version that combined the shine of rose gold-colored laminated leather with the use of technical fabrics, taking her unmistakable Maison Luce style to new heights.

This leather shopping bag immediately catches the eye with its careful attention to detail. The handles and drawstring, made from a technical cord, add a sophisticated sporty touch. Reinforced corners, contrasting with the main shade, lend solidity and style.

Butelegance does not stop at appearance. The interior is equally stunning, with meticulous attention to detail and a fabric lining that creates a shimmering effect. Each element is carefully designed to provide a complete and high-quality fashion experience.

Chiara Negri is known for her attention to detail, chromaticity and use of fine materials. Luce by Chiara Negri accessories, including this shopping bag, are made from high-quality materials, and the entire production process takes place strictly in Italy, thanks to the art of skilled artisans and cutting-edge technologies that combine tradition and innovation.

How to coordinate it?

A playful touch is provided by the ability to pair this bag with dog accessories from the collection. Thismatchy-matchy coordinate is irresistible and offers a fun way to express your style, both for you and your trusty four-legged companion.

In summary, the rose gold laminated leather shopping bag is an outstanding example of how fashion and functionality can merge into one creation. It is an ideal option for those who are looking for a touch of boldness in their wardrobe and wish to do so with a distinctive style. With Chiara Negri, you are guaranteed Italian quality and style in every detail.

Dimensions32 × 3 × 38 cm


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