Gold Leather Set Coordinated Bag, Bag Holder, Bib, Leash

  • Gold coordinated dog master set of 4 products
  • Rose gold and turquoise laminated leather shopping bag
  • Turquoise and rose gold leather bib.
  • Turquoise leather bag holder
  • Turquoise leather leash with rose gold interior

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Gold leather set coordinated bag, bag holder, harness and leash

The Coordinating Leather Gold Set for Dog and Master “Luminous Elegance” is an extraordinary collection of matching products that reflect the essence of high quality fashion, excellent Italian craftsmanship, and the deep connection between dog and master. These accessories are the result of a meticulous commitment to design and quality, flawlessly combining style and functionality.

The rose gold and turquoise laminated leather shopping bag is the perfect example of sophistication. Contrasting turquoise, purple, and coral details add a touch of originality. Drawstring and technical rope handles offer a touch of practicality and comfort, while the glitter-effect fabric lining adds sparkling elegance. Interior pockets allow you to keep personal items in order during your outings with your dog.

The turquoise and rose gold leather bib is a testament to excellent craftsmanship. Rib work finished with water-based paint is not only aesthetically appealing, but also ensures durability. The coral pink leather sliding loop offers a charming contrasting touch, while the sturdy leash loop ensures your dog’s safety.

The turquoise leather bag holder with coral and rose gold leather details is a versatile and refined accessory. Equipped with a gold electroplated snap hook and reinforcing ring and a coral leather doubled handle, a sturdy carabiner and D-ring to easily connect the bag holder. The product is zipped closed, and gold electroplated metals add a touch of luxury.

The turquoise leather leash with rose gold interior is a demonstration of sophistication and functionality. The coral leather doubled grip provides comfort and style. The color combination of turquoise, rose gold and coral catches the eye with its elegance and vibrancy. The sturdy carabiner is designed to ensure maximum safety during walks, while the D-ring allows the bag holder to be easily attached, making waste collection an effortless task. Gold-colored electroplated metals add a luxurious shine to the entire leash,

The “Bright Elegance” Set is a celebration of style, quality and functionality. Each product is designed with care and precision, reflecting a commitment to beauty, comfort and practicality. This set is an ode to the love and connection between the dog and its owner, offering timeless elegance in every moment you spend together. Whether you are walking around the city or exploring nature, these accessories will accompany you with class on any occasion.

Luce by Chiara Negri is synonymous with excellence in the production of high fashion leather products. Therefore, this collection offers style, quality and functionality. This will ensure an unparalleled experience of luxury and sophistication in every moment together with your dog.


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