Pink leather poodle keychain

  • Laser-cut keychain in three layers of contrasting pink, purple and rose gold leather
  • Details in Hexagram print
  • Rose gold rivet and hand stitch on paws


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Pink leather poodle keychain

A masterpiece of craftsmanship that combines elegance and originality in a single accessory. This pink leather poodle keychain is designed to stand out from the crowd and grab attention with its distinctive details.

The leather, precisely laser-cut in three contrasting layers, includes pink, purple and rose gold. This color combination creates a vibrant contrast, giving the accessory a bold and unique design. Pink adds a touch of vibrancy, yellow evokes joy, and camellia offers a touch of elegance.

What makes this keychain unique is its print of thehexagram, a symbol of balance and harmony, which has been skillfully imprinted on the leather. This motif adds a touch of meaning and mystery to the keychain, inviting deeper reflection.

The poodle, with its distinctive appearance and lively personality, is the centerpiece of the design, with details emphasized by gunmetal studs. These details not only give the accessory a sophisticated and bold look, but also seem to infuse it with playful energy. The top of the key ring is made of high-quality metal, and a gold rivet adds a touch of elegance and contrast to the overall design. This metal connector ensures the robustness of the accessory because it ensures that it can withstand daily use. In addition, the keychain features a soft fabric back, which adds a touch of sophistication and contrast to the overall design. This balance of materials and colors makes it an aesthetically pleasing and tactile accessory.

In addition, a touch of craftsmanship is evident in the hand stitches on the poodle’s paws that add a unique and personal touch to the keychain. This keychain is the ideal gift for poodle lovers, animal lovers or those looking for a sophisticated style with a playful twist.

With its combination of high-quality materials, attention to detail and eye-catching design, this keychain is therefore a true style statement. Add it to your key set today and take a little piece of elegance and love for dogs with you wherever you go.


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